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The construction industry accounts for 18.1% of Australia's national carbon footprint. With potential savings of up to $20 billion achievable by reaching zero carbon emissions by 2050, sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial in the construction industry.

The IATC is developing focused and flexible Microskills and Microcredentials to equip all workers within a project team with the up-to-date knowledge and skills necessary to implement sustainability practices across the entire project lifecycle. By emphasising innovative materials, energy-efficient designs, and practices that minimise environmental impact, IATC's courses will deepen everyone's understanding of sustainability, enabling them to contribute effectively to decision-making.

Source: Yu, M., Wiedmann, T., Crawford, R., & Tait, C. (2016). The Carbon Footprint of Australia’s Construction Sector. In International High-Performance Built Environment Conference – A Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2016 Series (SBE16), iHBE 2016.

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